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effective & powerful anti-ageing skin system from the purist of oceansHarnessing marine extracts for deep skin penetration


The key culprits in skin damage are the processes of oxidation and glycation (inflammation). As we age our skin loses support from compounds like collagen and elastin, then sags which creates lines. With water loss from the skin, it becomes dry and fine lines increase. Natural Pearl™ products have been expertly formulated by doctors and pharmacists to combat oxidation and glycation as well as reducing elastin and collagen breakdown. Golden Youth contains gold linked peptides that have been demonstrated to increase collagen production. Penetrating and hydrating ingredients also give the skin an extra lift.

sun spots

Sun and age spots are caused by an excess production of melanin. This occurs because of sun exposure, hormones, aging, genes and some medications. Natural Pearl™ products powerfully synergise natural ingredients that effectively reduce melanin over-production and are formulated to increase penetration. Ultimate White has 2 peptides that target excessive melanin activity. You can use a sunscreen on top of any of our products.

colour correction

Sunspots, pigmentation and redness are reduced with all of the Natural Pearl™ products. The natural plant pigments in Glow and Golden Youth reduce your body’s need to make more pigment. Fortunately these plant pigments also help to refine and smooth out your skin colour if you have sunspots or skin discolouration known as melasma; whilst they work at a deeper level to slowly reduce over-production of melanin. The natural ingredients of marinoplex™ in Glow and Golden Youth and the liquorice extract in Ultimate White help reduce skin redness, particularly on the face.

Skin Elasticity

We lose skin elasticity with aging. Just like elastic bands, the protein elastin that we have in our body is stretchy. Elastin is being made and broken down in our skin all the time. With time, we have less elastin under our skin and then our skin begins to sag. Elastin breaks down with inflammation (oxidation and glycation), a process Natural Pearl™ anti-aging creams specifically target and reduce. The 100% natural marinoplex™ compounds in Glow and Golden Youth creams also dramatically reduce elastin breakdown, therefore creating greater skin support.

HOw it worksScientifically tested and pharmeceutical grade quality

Molecular biology

This is the science of how molecules work in life. Our products have been formulated to be directed at specific known molecular targets, which is what makes our products very effective. The knowledge from world leading experts enables us to select the correct ingredients and the best formulations. Natural Pearl™ elite range of creams has had a quality assurance process of over 5 years of evaluation and clinical testing before being launched.


This is Natural Pearl’s proprietary ingredient in Glow and Golden Youth. It is formulated from ethically and sustainably harvested marine plants from the purest ocean environment. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution have created remarkable survival enzyme systems in these plants. We source the best marine plant extract in the world to provide you with skin benefits in the most natural ways.


Amino acids are the small building blocks of proteins, and short chains of amino acids create peptides. Some peptides made by nature convey very strong chemical messages, even at a low dose. We have harnessed some of these peptides to increase the power of the molecular signals we wish to deliver with our range.

Deep Penetrating Formula

The outer part of the skin ( stratum corneum) is designed to keep free radicals out and to keep proteins and liquids within our body. In Natural Pearl™ products we use dermal penetrating ingredients including liposomes and oils, and we have engineered the acidity to match the body, assisting to transport key ingredients where they need to go.


What is Melasma
Patterns of Melasma

How to Use Our Products

Use Ultimate White as a night cream and for day use; apply either Glow (for less sun damaged areas e.g. your neck) or Golden Youth for enhanced anti-aging and sunspot reduction. The natural pigments of Marinoplex™ work to even your skin tone and color. If you prefer Ultimate White as a day cream, simply reverse the routine.

Natural Pearl™ products work effectively with either your existing skincare regime or alone. It is appropriate for all skin types of all nationalities. 

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