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    How it works

    Natural Pearl 3 in 1 Light bundle

    Solution for: Irregular pigmentation, redness, inflammation, sun damage, wrinkles and sagging skin, ageing

    Suggested Regimes



    Asiatic Skin Ultimate White TM Golden Youth TM
    Caucasian Skin Golden Youth TM Ultimate White TM
    Dark Skin Golden Youth TM Glow TM or Golden Youth TM

    Product tips

    You can use your favourite moisturiser, sunscreen or make-up over Natural Pearl products. Golden YouthTM has several skin protecting, nourishing and boosting ingredients and has a thick texture.

    You only need a finger tip of volume to cover your face. Apply a dab to five spots and gently massage into your skin.

    Buy all 3 premium products and save!  

    Experience the skin nourishing and restorative benefits of all our 3 premium products.  Create your home spa programme to reverse the signs and features of aging including irregular pigmentation, rough skin and wrinkles. Use Ulitmate White™ as your night face cream, Golden Youth Light™ as your day face cream and use Glow Light™ on your décolletage and backs hands. Feel and see the difference that our potent natural ingredients make.